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Advantages of Christian Rehabilitation Programs

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By Dennis Hopson

Christian rehab centers rely on the idea that faith and spirituality can help an addict or alcoholic recover from those addictions. Many of these alcohol and drug rehab programs utilize a combination of group and individual therapies that show sufferers they are not alone in the world. Christian rehab centers require that patients ask God to help them recover from their addictions. Faith-based treatment centers include those run by Victory Ministries, the Salvation Army, and dozens of other organizations. Learning more about the benefits of these rehab programs can help you determine if a spiritual or a secular center is best for you.

christian rehabilitation programs San Diego CA

1) Better Identification of Patient Needs

Christian rehab centers hire qualified nurses, doctors, and counselors who understand the needs of patients. Whether you recently suffered from a crisis of faith, or you still attend church every Sunday, the staff working at these centers can better understand and identify your specific needs based on your faith. Some faith-based rehab programs ask that you turn your life over to a higher power, but most Christian rehabilitation programs ask that you build a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. The staff uses questionnaires and surveys that help it learn more about the struggles you are facing, which can help determine the next step in your treatment. More than 18% of people turning to rehab do so because of an addiction to alcohol and at least one drug. The inventory process helps your counselors understand what types of problems you face and how to aid your recovery from those problems.

2) Improved Long-Term Results

One of the biggest and oldest Christian rehabilitation programs is Alcoholics Anonymous. As the inventors of the top twelve-step program, it requires that you start and complete each of the twelve steps, which range from making amends for your addiction to taking a personal inventory of your life. While around 40% of those who attend AA meetings drop out within the first year, those who stick with the program find that it can help them improve their chances of abstaining from alcohol. Around 80% of people in AA don’t use alcohol again after attending meetings for one year. AA is so successful that many Christian rehab centers use similar twelve-step formats.

3) Christian Rehabilitation Programs often Cost Less

One important advantage of Christian rehabilitation programs is the price.  They are generally lower in cost  than secular camps or even free for outpatient care.  This is because most Christian rehab programs are non-profit and accept donations from their church membership.  The staff may also see their work as a service to Christ and accept lower wages.  This doesn’t mean the quality of service at a Christian rehab center is necessarily worse; it will likely be cheaper, though.

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