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How Faith Based Addiction Recovery Centers Work

Faith Based Addiction Recovery Centers San Diego CAFor individuals with a personal faith that are suffering from a drug or alcohol related addiction issue, a Christian or faith-based recovery program can often be a great help. While faith based addiction recovery centers uses traditional treatment methods to help individuals deal with their addiction issues, they also take a more spiritual approach. Faith-based recovery and rehabilitation centers, such as Restoration Ranch, focus on self-reflection to help patients understand their addiction and overcome these issues.

A Spiritual Approach

One of the major differences between a traditional program and  faith based addiction recovery centers is the way the religious element is addressed. The traditional, non-faith based approach to the treatment of addiction attempts to help individuals identify the root causes of their issues with dependency to help them give up the substances that are affecting their life.

A faith-based approach builds on this to help individuals reflect on themselves, their addictions, and their behaviors, to reach a deeper understanding of themselves and others. This can include teaching patients to follow the guidance of God, to change their habits, and recondition both their body and mind to cope without drugs or alcohol.

In some cases, faith-based addiction treatment is based on the idea that drug and alcohol addiction problems can stem from a void created by a lack of spiritual belief. This concept is not practiced in all faith based addiction recovery centers but is based on a similar religious discourse that is adopted by programs like that of Restoration Ranch near San Diego, CA.

Treatment to overcome a drug or alcohol addiction problem as part of a faith-based program aims to help their patients to find God or to strengthen their existing beliefs. This aids individuals on their path to rehabilitation by providing guidance, to assist them in creating a new life for themselves that is free from a damaging reliance upon drugs and alcohol.

Some faith based addiction recovery centers are specifically Christian. However, many choose not to focus on a particular God, instead allowing individual patients to find their own form of spiritual belief. Restoration Ranch offers a compassionate, Christian-based treatment plan to help people break the cycle of addiction and turn their lives around.

Traditional and Faith Based Addiction Recovery Centers Treatments

Restoration Ranch is both a residential treatment and recovery center, which aims to help rehabilitate individuals overcoming problems with addiction. The treatments offered cover both a traditional and faith-based, spiritual approach. These can include group and personal counseling from professionals trained in alcohol and narcotics addiction, education, meditation, and taking part in religious study sessions. Programs designed to incorporate faith-based treatment may also offer Bible study classes as well as detoxification.

Restoration Ranch also encourages patients to become involved with manual work on the ranch itself, to help them develop useful skills in a safe environment. These skills can be used in the future to help build a fulfilling life outside to the treatment center, in which they are clean and sober.

Many faith-based addiction recovery programs are located within residential treatment centers, providing round the clock support, supervision, and guidance. During this time, inpatients are able to get help with other aspects of their substance addiction issues, such as dependence, cravings, tolerance, relapse prevention, and control issues.

One of the most important aspects of faith-based, residential treatment is providing a structured environment for patients, helping them to form new patterns of behavior that will benefit their lives in the future, for a life free from substance abuse. This encourages individuals taking part in a faith-based addiction program to take personal responsibility for their lives and the choices they make, with continued assistance from their newfound or renewed beliefs.

The aim of a strengthened belief system is to help participants regain a sense of control and a renewed sense of self-confidence in themselves, without relying on drugs or alcohol. Patients are taught to deal with any stressful situations or conflict in a productive manner as a form of relapse prevention.

A Positive Change

The structure of a faith-based addiction treatment plan is designed to support the individual in making positive changes in their life, for their own health and spiritual well being, as well as that of their loved ones. Through an increased understanding of themselves and their faith, patients are encouraged to learn new ways of living their daily lives, and finding a sense of control without alcohol or narcotics.

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