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Christian Drug Rehabilitation

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christian drug rehabilitation San Diego CAThe vast majority of solutions for christian drug rehabilitation addiction contain a spiritual component to them. This flows naturally from the fact that drug addiction disconnects people spiritually, and restoring this facet of our lives in recovery tends to produce very good long term results. The power of spiritual transformation has proven to be an effective remedy for overcoming addiction, though it is not necessarily easy to attain.

Traditional recovery programs set up a spiritual path based on a core set of principles, but all of these principles can be found within Christian teachings as well. So it stands to reason that some addicts and alcoholics will prefer a religious path rather than the “stripped down, spiritual version.” Neither one is necessarily better than other, and both can be effective depending on the person. Christian drug rehabilitation may have something to offer the struggling addict who has continuously failed in other programs.

An Alternative to Traditional Christian Drug Rehabilitation

Some drug addicts and alcoholics do not respond well to traditional recovery, such as 12 step programs like Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous. For whatever reason, there is a very large population of struggling addicts who simply cannot make these traditional programs work for themselves. In such cases, the struggling addict might do well to take the advice often heard around the tables of 12 step meetings and “try something different in order to get different results.” One such alternative is Christian drug rehab.

Most do not purposely exclude 12 step alcohol recovery, but most of them do not actively advocate for it either. They are usually pretty neutral about 12 step groups, but of course they will always bring it back to the core message that “all things are possibly through God,” and of course this message works well for some addicts. There is no doubt that religious based programs do work well for some people, though of course they are not for everyone.

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