Public Defenders Office

San Diego County Public Defender recommends Restoration Ranch Ramona Drug and Alcohol Rehab alternative to incarceration

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter in support of the drug and alcohol recovery program, Restoration Ranch Ramona Residential Rehab for Men and their efforts to obtain financial assistance for their residential program. I have been working with Restoration Ranch and referring clients to the alternative to jail program over three years.

I am a substance abuse assessor with the Public Defenders in El Cajon. I interview and assess men in the criminal justice system both in and out of jail to determine their needs and suitability for residential drug and alcohol treatment. Once that is done, I refer them to various programs in the County of San Diego, including Restoration Ranch in Ramona, California.

I hav been working in the field of substance abuse in one capacity or another for the past 21 years and have found that treatment is far more effective than incarceration. Not only does it save and change lives, it is less costly.

In the last three years I have been privileged to work with the Restoration Ranch Ramona and have seen first hand the changes brought about in the lives of the residents of this program. I have utilized the Restoration Ranch Ramona as resource for this purpose and give it high marks in professional and program and staff.

They have a working relationship with the courts and probation and have been professional and easy to wwork with over the years. They have my full support in their efforts to make treatment a more viable option for the individuals they serve….

Jo Anne Shields


We are all part of the solution.

Treatment is important to the community. It is everyone’s problem.
Much help is still needed.
Money to facilitate the day-to-day aspects of the program.
Employment for the residents.
Volunteers to transport residents to various appointments and interviews.
Volunteers to mentor men and their families.
Other day-to-day needs.

We accept donated automobiles, RVs, or motorcycles.

Registered, running, or not.Contact us at (760) 787-9432

Tax donation letter given. You may be able to use the full value of your donation as a tax deduction. Fed Tax ID 33-0829683