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Restoration Ranch is located in Ramona, California, a beautiful, rural setting in the foothills of San Diego County. The Ranch is a temporary home to adult men who have a sincere desire to be set free from drugs, alcohol, or addictive behaviors.

The Ranch uses Christian principles, Bible Studies,12 Step programs, and practical training, to prepare residents to resume a productive role in society and begin a new and victorious life in Christ. The Ranch works closely with Probation Departments and is widely considered one of the most effective drug and alcohol rehab and recovery programs any where. Click here to see a statement from the Chief Probation Officer of San Diego County.

staffSince opening in Dec. 1999, over 3,000 men have gone through the program. We have grown to a 30 bed facility. We work with men coming out of prison as well as men who want to learn new ways to deal with their addictions before it reaches that level. When men finish their stay at Restoration Ranch, they get on with their lives knowing that they have “a hope and a future.”

San Diego County Probation Dept recommends Restoration Ranch Ramona Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Recomendation for Restoration Ranch Alternative to Jail Drug and Alcohol Residential Treatment Program from San Diego County Chief Probation Officer

August 28, 2009

To Whom It May Concern.

This letter is to express support for the Restoration Ranch Ramona application for grant funding. The Probation Departments Youthful Offender Program has referred a number of probationers to the Restoration Ranch Ramona [residential drug and alcohol rehab] with good results.

The program serves young men in a faith-based setting by providing drug and alcohol treatment. The Restoration Ranch Ramon a is seeking to purchase a van to transport the probationers to work, church and other locations that may help the men to succeed with their probation requirements.

Restoration Ranch Ramona constantly strives to maintain a good working relationship with the San Diego County Probation Department and we do not hesitate to support their application.


Mack Jenkins
Chief Probation Officer.

San Diego County Public Defender recommends Restoration Ranch Ramona Drug and Alcohol Rehab alternative to incarcerationSan Diego County Public Defender recommends Restoration Ranch Ramona Drug and Alcohol Rehab alternative to incarceration

To Whom It May Concern:
I am writing this letter in support of the drug and alcohol recovery program, Restoration Ranch Ramona Residential Rehab for Men and their efforts to obtain financial assistance for their residential program. I have been working with Restoration Ranch and referring clients to the alternative to jail program over three years.

I am a substance abuse assessor with the Public Defenders in El Cajon. I interview and assess men in the criminal justice system both in and out of jail to determine their needs and suitability for residential drug and alcohol treatment. Once that is done, I refer them to various programs in the County of San Diego, including Restoration Ranch in Ramona, California.

I hav been working in the field of substance abuse in one capacity or another for the past 21 years and have found that treatment is far more effective than incarceration. Not only does it save and change lives, it is less costly.

In the last three years I have been privileged to work with the Restoration Ranch Ramona and have seen first hand the changes brought about in the lives of the residents of this program. I have utilized the Restoration Ranch Ramona as resource for this purpose and give it high marks in professional and program and staff.

They have a working relationship with the courts and probation and have been professional and easy to wwork with over the years. They have my full support in their efforts to make treatment a more viable option for the individuals they serve....

Jo Anne Shields

Staff - full-time

brian Storm Director of Restoration Ranch Ramona drug and alcohol treatment facilityBrian Storm, Executive Director Licensed pastor

Steve Henry, Manager, Bible study teacher

Volunteer Staff - as needed

Brian Storm, Home-fellowship pastor

Dr. Stan DeKoven, Clinical consultant

Dr. Johnny Carter, Staff Chaplain and counselor

Board Members
Dr. Stan De Koven, Brian Storm, Teri Storm, Steve Gibson


Re-Entry, Prison & Jail Ministry

Most Excellent Way

Tax Status

Restoration Ranch is a division of Good Samaritans of San Diego, a non-profit organization. Our Federal Tax ID number is 33-10829683.


A Grandfather's remarks about the Restoration Ranch Ramona San Diego County Probation Department sanctioned drug and alcohol recovery program.

June 9, 2014

Mr. Storm;

The intention of the letter is to provide you with some feedback regarding Andrew XXXXXX's stay at your facility and to appraise you of the results of his court hearing. With regard to the hearing Andrew's case number is XXXXX04.

The comprehensive program you have established is a working testimony to the necessity to treat the whole problem rather than just one element of it. To that end, the initial period of the program (a black-out period) ensured that you had Andrew's full attention. During this time he was not able to communicate with family or friends. Interestingly, he and other Individuals in the program can walk away. It seems to me the strength of your program is attested to by the fact that Andrew did not walk away. While over the course of his stay at your facility there were a few bumps in the road. Each time we consulted on these bumps your assessment of the situation was spot-on.

I recently assisted the executor of an estate dealing with the heir, a hard core alcoholic. After numerous attempts to get the individual to agree to rehabilitation he finally did and was admitted to Casa Palmira. He completed thirty days and at that point was sober but the fundamental problem had not been addressed. The cost of this program ($36,000.00) was paid by his trust fund and within weeks he was lost to alcohol once again and remains that way a year later. My view is that your program is a more realistic and effective program than a Betty Ford or Casa Palmira approach.

Andrew's work with Dr. Stan Dekoven has been a significant part of his rehabilitation. This relationship will continue as Andrew is certainly not without some lingering problems. My hope is that his continued treatment results In his overcoming the issues that resulted in his losing his way. Andrew has made some poor decisions as an adult and carries a significant burden as a result. Your program has put him on the right path and for that I am very thankful.With regard to his court hearing, after some legal issue discussions, Judge Edward Allard III made the decision that your program fulfilled the requirements of the state statutes for second-time offenders.

To comply with the Judge's findings, Andrew is required to participate in programs designed to provide direction regarding his future. He will be on probation for several years and thus must not allow himself to lose his way. As I understand those requirements he must attend Multiple Conviction and MADD programs.

During the course of the hearing (continued into a second session) the Public Defender's Office counsel (Mr. Jose Orozco) was especially attentive and helpful regarding interpretation of the state statutes. My personal view is that the court proceedings were very thorough and carefully evaluated the entire situation with regard to Andrew. My conversations with the Public Defender's office were beneficial to my understanding the situation. Ms. Julie Gibson, Assistant Supervising Attorney, was especially helpful.

After some issues with understanding the initial court finding immediately after Andrews's arrest, lost documents and general confusion on everyone's part I am pleased that it has been fairly resolved. You program is most certainly the major part of the road ahead for Andrew.

Thank you for your honest and realistic approach to rehabilitation.

XXXXXXXXXX (Andrew's grandfather)

Rob Smith

When I came to Restoration Ranch I was a 13 year heroin and cocaine addict, who was living on the streets for ten of those years. I was in the habit of hopping freight trains from Seattle, Washington to Denver, Colorado and back so that I could always get the best possible dope and have more opportunities and areas to rip people off.

When I came to the ranch I was almost dead from 3 major overdoses and I was severely beaten with a bat. I had a crushed knee, arm and a split open head. I had lost all the movement in my arm on the left side due to an overdose and had been in full blown kidney failure from one after that.

I still don't know why Brian Storm took me in so messed up and so far from home. This is a working program and it is not free and I could neither work nor pay, so he was going against all his better judgment I would imagine.

But am I grateful that he did!

You see, I was sure I was going to die soon and I was told of the ranch through a guy named Kris at my mother's home church. Because it was Christian, I decided reluctantly to come on the slight chance that my near future death would not result in hell for eternity.

The ranch showed me in word and in deed, the love and power of Jesus and left it up to him to work on my hart, which he did, very thoroughly. Not only did I become clean and sober I met God, resulting in a massive change in my ways from the inside out.

I owe my life 1st to God and second to Restoration Ranch.

God bless,

Rob Smith 

  • The $700 per month fee includes room and board.
  • Assistance with career planning/goal setting and job placement is available.
  • Ongoing counseling and mentoring by Dr. Stan DeKoven, Brian Storm and others as needed. This includes daily life skills, job training, acceptable social behaviors, etc.
  • Assistance to fulfill court and other legal requirements is provided  as well as medical and health needs.
  • All residents will be completely alcohol and drug-free during their stay at the Ranch. This includes any mood altering prescription drugs.
  • The Ranch uses Christian principles, Bible studies and practical training to prepare residents to resume a normal life and begin a new victorious life in Christ.
  • Family Care Counceling – This a new service offered in conjunction with Family Care Network at a special Restoration Ranch rate, click here for more details.
    Family Care Network

    Restoration Ranch has formed a covenant relationship with Family Care Counseling Program. This new service provides individual, marriage, family and evaluation/consulting counseling services. I. Counseling Services for the whole family.

    Our regular program is $700.00 per month and has a high success rate as it is, but now we can offer more.

    For $ 1,300.00 per month you will receive all the above named services that apply, and will have a professional counselor that is right here on the Ranch. This is intended for those who feel they need a more intensive recovery program. The $ 1,300.00 includes Evaluation cost, 4 group counseling and 4 individual counseling sessions per month, plus coaching and stress reduction plans.

    Specifically the programs include:

    • Counseling Services for the whole family.
    • Workshop development, promotion and presentation for preventive help.
    • Seminars in family care.
    • Consulting service
    • Specializing in drug and alcohol counseling.

    These services are provided by a licensed counselor with expertise and experience in these fields, as well as a few that are not listed.

    Dr. Stan E. DeKoven, Ph.D., Clinical supervisor is a licensed councilor (MFC4750) He is the founder of Vision International University, Family Care Network and Vision Publishing.

    Our regular program is $700.00 per month and has a high success rate as it is, but now we can offer more.

    For $ 1,300.00 per month you will receive all the above named services that apply, and will have a professional counselor that is right here on the Ranch. This is intended for those who feel they need a more intensive recovery program. The $ 1,300.00 includes Evaluation cost, 4 group counseling and 4 individual counseling sessions per month, plus coaching and stress reduction plans.

  • Home Fellowships – meet to study God’s word, develop new friendships and encourage
  • Most Excellent Way – Christian alternative to AA facilitated by Brian Storm. Court approved meeting.
  • Twelve Step Program –  facilitated by Brian Storm. Court approved meeting.
  • Restoration Ministries – freedom from life-controlling problems, including anger, food, depression, sex, pornography, etc., through Jesus Christ. Class and counseling taught by Brian and Teri Storm. Court approved meeting.
  • Understanding the Bible– taught by Daniel Potts.
  • Various programs, classes and seminars through Foothills Christian Fellowship and other organizations.
    • Duration
    • The Ranch offers ninety-day and six-month programs but focuses on a one-year mentorship.
    • "Sober Living" is available for those who have an income and need more accountability.

    How could Restoration Ranch benefit you?

    Biography of a former resident.

    We are all part of the solution.

    Treatment is important to the community. It is everyone’s problem.

      Much help is still needed.
    • Money to facilitate the day-to-day aspects of the program.  
    • Employment for the residents.  
    • Volunteers to transport residents to various appointments and interviews.  
    • Volunteers to mentor men and their families.  
    • Other day-to-day needs.  

    We accept donated automobiles, RVs, or motorcycles.
    Registered, running, or not.Contact us at (760) 787-9432
    Tax donation letter given. You may be able to use the full value of your donation as a tax deduction. Fed Tax ID 33-0829683



    940 Montecito Way
    Ramona, CA  92065

    Mailing Address:

    Restoration Ranch
    940 Montecito Way
    Ramona, CA  92065


    Restoration Ranch (760) 787-9432

    Brian Storm - Executive Director (760) 239-1450



    Rules and Application (printer-friendly PDF)

    For application to be considered, the 'Rules' and 'Application' forms must be printed, signed, and mailed or faxed to the address or fax number above. After we receive the application, an interview will be arranged. Information received will be kept in the strictest of confidence.

    The Ranch Overview Letter is suitable for introducing a sponser or someone who may require a printed document that states the general overview of Restoration Ranch.