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Restoration Ranch is a non-profit residential treatment program on a working ranch for men who have a sincere desire to be set free from drugs, alcohol, or any addictive behavior. Since opening in December 1999, we have grown to a 18 bed facility with over 3,000 men that have been through the program. We also welcome men coming out of jail to learn new ways to live without allowing their addictions to continue to destroy their lives. Restoration Ranch is a low cost alternative to restoring their lives. By living and working on a ranch, these individuals gradually learn and develop life skills in a safe environment. The ranch provides a structured program that teaches them how to live alcohol and drug free so that they can succeed.

We understand that addiction is a disease that influences both the mind and the body and we are here to help. Learning to understand and control alcohol and drug addiction is one of the most crucial journeys in an individual’s life.

At Restoration Ranch we provide a faith-based foundation for those having problem with addiction.  Our Christian alcohol and drug rehabilitation centers encourage spiritual reflection and commonly use scripture as guidance dealing with addiction in addition to standard detox, individual therapy, and group therapy sessions. In a faith-based treatment program, God’s love and approval are emphasized so the recuperating addict can collect strength and discover motivation.


The work here is spiritual. Bible research study, daily morning devotions, play  major part of our program. There is physical work to be done at the Ranch, and each resident is expected to work together by doing their share. By living, studying and collaborating in an atmosphere of love and understanding, alcoholics and addicts can find themselves.


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