Restoring the lives of men by teaching life skills that foster sobriety, integrity and independence in a safe, supportive and structured environment.

Restoration Ranch offers a residential recovery home, sober living, family counseling services and much more…

Restoration Ranch Residential Recovery Home

We offer thirty day to one year programs for $750.00 per month.

  • Assistance with career planning/goal setting and job placement is available.
  • Ongoing sponsorship and mentoring others a needed. This includes daily life skills, job training, acceptable social behaviors, etc.
  • Assistance to fulfill court and other legal requirements are provided as well as medical and health needs.
  • All residents will be completely alcohol and drug-free during their stay at the Ranch. This includes any mood altering prescription drugs.
  • The Ranch uses Christian principles, bible studies and practical training to prepare residents to resume a normal life and begin a new victorious life in Christ.

Back to work program:

We know that many men lose their employment as a result of their addiction. We partner with many local businesses and private individuals to help our men obtain employment during their stay at the Ranch. While some of these employment opportunities are temporary, many can lead to full time employment with room for growth and advancement.


We have many organizations and individuals that partner with us in an effort to support our men through the recovery process. These partners understand the work that we do at Restoration Ranch and want to support the men through the recovery process. We all see the potential and value in each person that comes to the Ranch and we hope these men will also recognize the importance of their life. Recovering is a process and we are here to help.

  • Christian Rods and Customs
  • Foothills Christian Church
  • Calvary Chapel Ramona
  • San Diego Food Bank
  • Feeding America
  • San Diego Probation Department
  • Catalyst Program
  • San Diego County Sheriff’s Department

Home Fellowships – Meet to study God’s word, develop new friendships and encourage people.

Celebrate Recovery – Christian alternative to AA and NA facilitated by Brian Storm. Court approved meeting.

Twelve Step Program –  Facilitated by Brian Storm. Court approved meeting.

Restoration Meeting – Freedom from life controlling problems and addictions. Class and mentorship by: Dave Paul, Brian and Teri Storm – Court Approved Meeting.

Understanding the Bible – Taught by Daniel Potts.

Various programs – Classes and seminars through Foothills Christian Fellowship and other organizations.

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