Restoration Ranch is located in Ramona, California, a beautiful, rural setting in the foothills of San Diego County. The Ranch is a temporary home to adult men who have a sincere desire to be set free from drugs, alcohol, or addictive behaviors.

Brian Storm and staff

Brian Storm, Executive Director Licensed pastor
Dr. Stan DeKoven, Clinical consultant
Dr. Stan De Koven, Brian Storm, Teri Storm, Steve Gibson

Building a solid future

The Ranch uses Christian principles, Bible Studies,12 Step programs, and practical training, to prepare residents to resume a productive role in society and begin a new and victorious life in Christ. The Ranch works closely with Probation Departments and is widely considered one of the most effective drug and alcohol rehab and recovery programs any where.

overcoming addiction

Since opening in Dec. 1999, over 3,000 men have gone through the program. We have grown to a 30 bed facility. We work with men coming out of prison as well as men who want to learn new ways to deal with their addictions before it reaches that level. When men finish their stay at Restoration Ranch, they get on with their lives knowing that they have “a hope and a future.”