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Drug Recovery San Diego CA

Many people struggling with drug addiction think that recovery is nearly impossible for them. They’ve heard the horror stories of painful withdrawal symptoms, they can’t imagine life without drugs, and they can’t fathom actually being […]

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Scriptures On Drug Addiction: What Does The Bible Say?

Scriptures On Drug Addiction : While the bible may not address addiction specifically, historically, it’s one of the best representative texts on coping with temptation. There are verses in the Old and New Testament both […]

Kicking Bad Habits Ramona CA

Kicking Bad Habits in the New Year? Here Are Some Good Tips

Eating all things in your line of sight because you just quit smoking? Drinking more coffee to try and slow down your overeating? Biting off people’s heads in the morning because you’ve quit drinking coffee? When […]

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Christian Addiction Recovery Programs

Christian addiction recovery programs incorporate many of the new techniques and strategies, but they are still built around “Christ” as the main means for support. More and more individuals seem to be struggling with addictions […]

Drug Dependency – Understanding the Symptoms

Drug dependency is an insidious disease that takes over a person’s life and clouds their world in a fog of troubles and struggles. The signs of drug addiction are numerous and varied depending on what […]

Methamphetamine San Diego CA

Methamphetamine Addiction – How to Stop Using Successfully

This article is written for people addicted to methamphetamine (and loved ones of meth amphetamine addicts) to show specifically: How meth amphetamine changes your physical, psychological and mental health in ways that make it very hard […]

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Drug Addict and the Family

When a family is dealing with drug addict, everyone is affected.  Having an addict in the family can put stress and strain on all relationships as well as the family dynamics.  The addiction causes pain, […]

Recognizing Drug Addiction – Knowing the Signs

Drug addiction has numerous faces. Acknowledging the  is the first part of getting on the roadway to recovery. How do you understand exactly what to try to find in aiming to acknowledge drug addiction? The […]