Isolation and Addiction

May 29th, 2020|0 Comments

Social isolation is defined as the state of being in a place or situation that is separate from others. Social isolation has an reverse cause and effect relationship with addiction, and can cause unwanted health [...]

Johnny’s Story (Finding The Way)

April 1st, 2020|Comments Off on Johnny’s Story (Finding The Way)

Johnny's Testimony By all accounts I had a fairly normal childhood. My family attended Church every Sun. It is harder than expected for me to pin point where my hurt's, hang ups and habits originated. [...]

‘Tis The Season To Be Jolly?

December 27th, 2019|Comments Off on ‘Tis The Season To Be Jolly?

So you've gone through several months of rehab and now the holidays are coming up. You haven't experienced the season to be "Merry" sober for years. After all, aren't the holidays a time to celebrate, [...]

Chris’s Story (God Never Lets Us Go)

October 16th, 2019|Comments Off on Chris’s Story (God Never Lets Us Go)

Looking back on my life and how my addiction started, I can trace it back to finding a group of kids in middle school that would accept me. I was advanced in school, which made [...]


October 10th, 2019|Comments Off on Regrets

We all have them, the nagging thoughts of how we wish we would have or could have done things differently.Regret by definition means, "to feel sad, repentant, or disappointed over something that has happened or [...]

Yoga and Addiction

April 19th, 2019|2 Comments

Drug and alcohol addiction has many negative effects on the mind and body. The use of drugs affects breathing, and heart rate, the ability to control emotions and feel happiness. In addition, problem-solving, planning, and [...]

Relationships and Recovery

March 15th, 2019|Comments Off on Relationships and Recovery

We form many different types of relationships throughout our life. These relationships have different dynamics and no two relationships are alike. In this article we are going to address the relationships associated with a former [...]

Don’t Look Back

February 18th, 2019|Comments Off on Don’t Look Back

So you finally decided to seek recovery after many years of using and abusing. You committed to a rehab to help you succeed in your quest for sobriety. It has been months , you are [...]

Tramadol Drama and Trauma

February 2nd, 2019|Comments Off on Tramadol Drama and Trauma

Tramadol, is a synthetic opioid pain medication used to treat moderate to moderately severe pain. It is sold under the brand name Ultram, Conzip, and Rbix ODT. When taken by mouth in an immediate release [...]

Just Mike’s Story

January 19th, 2019|2 Comments

My story of addiction/alcoholism began for me in my mother's womb. My father was a Navy man and we were stationed on the Island of Crete in Greece. When my mom was around 5-6 months [...]

Addiction and Self-Sabotage

December 21st, 2018|Comments Off on Addiction and Self-Sabotage

Self-sabotage is any behavior, thought, emotion, or action that holds us back from getting what we consciously want. Self-sabotage is the conflict that exists between conscious desires and unconscious wants that manifest in self-limiting patterns [...]

Addiction and Mental Illness

December 1st, 2018|Comments Off on Addiction and Mental Illness

Does mental illness occur before or after drug addiction? Studies show that people who suffer from mental illness are more likely to become addicted to a substance, often called "self medicating". Conversely, people who have [...]

How Does Substance Abuse Begin?

October 20th, 2018|Comments Off on How Does Substance Abuse Begin?

No one factor can predict if a person will become addicted to drugs and/or alcohol. A combination of factors influences risk for addiction. The more risk factors a person has the greater the chance that [...]

Helping or Hindering

September 28th, 2018|Comments Off on Helping or Hindering

Your loved one is in the grips of addiction. You feel helpless because they aren't showing up for work, they're not paying their bills, and their rent hasn't been paid in two months. You fear [...]

From Prescription To Addiction To The Streets

August 30th, 2018|Comments Off on From Prescription To Addiction To The Streets

Our previous blog "From Prescription to Addiction" discussed the Opioid Crisis with doctors prescribing pain medications, primarily Oxycontin and Vicodin, to their patients to manage pain following surgery or other pain causing event. Many of [...]

From Prescription To Addiction

July 14th, 2018|Comments Off on From Prescription To Addiction

One may unknowingly get caught in the grip of addiction just by following their doctors orders. Doctors usually have their patients best interests in mind, nevertheless some recommend or prescribe medications that could potentially harm [...]

What Is a Sober Living Home?

June 1st, 2018|Comments Off on What Is a Sober Living Home?

San Diego Area Sober Living Home for Men A sober living home is a group home for people with addiction issues. They operate like a co-op because residents contribute for the home’s maintenance and upkeep. [...]

Twelve Step Recovery Process – Faith Based Alcohol and Drug Recovery

May 31st, 2018|Comments Off on Twelve Step Recovery Process – Faith Based Alcohol and Drug Recovery

For many that struggle with an addiction, there comes a time when the implementation of available treatments become exhausted. Be it alcohol, drugs, gambling or pornography, the pattern remains the same for those who have [...]

Drug Recovery San Diego CA

May 30th, 2018|Comments Off on Drug Recovery San Diego CA

Many people struggling with drug addiction think that recovery is nearly impossible for them. They’ve heard the horror stories of painful withdrawal symptoms, they can’t imagine life without drugs, and they can’t fathom [...]

Christian Addiction Recovery Programs

May 28th, 2018|Comments Off on Christian Addiction Recovery Programs

Christian addiction recovery programs incorporate many of the new techniques and strategies, but they are still built around “Christ” as the main means for support. More and more individuals seem to be struggling [...]

Drug Addict and the Family

May 26th, 2018|Comments Off on Drug Addict and the Family

When a family is dealing with drug addict, everyone is affected. Having an addict in the family can put stress and strain on all relationships as well as the family dynamics. The addiction [...]

Drug Dependency – Understanding the Symptoms

May 26th, 2018|Comments Off on Drug Dependency – Understanding the Symptoms

Drug dependency is an insidious disease that takes over a person’s life and clouds their world in a fog of troubles and struggles. The signs of drug addiction are numerous and varied depending [...]

Recognizing Drug Addiction – Knowing the Signs

April 29th, 2018|Comments Off on Recognizing Drug Addiction – Knowing the Signs

Drug addiction has numerous faces. Acknowledging the is the first part of getting on the roadway to recovery. How do you understand exactly what to try to find in aiming to acknowledge drug [...]

Long-Term Addiction Recovery Facilities

April 12th, 2018|Comments Off on Long-Term Addiction Recovery Facilities

Specific programs have been designed to help the long-term drug and alcohol addicts to get over their addiction. For most of the long-term addiction recovery programs, a person will stay in a managed [...]

Christian Recovery Programs for Drug Addiction in San Diego

April 4th, 2018|Comments Off on Christian Recovery Programs for Drug Addiction in San Diego

Christian recovery groups are an invaluable resource for addicts and former addicts. There are support groups, residential facilities, sober-living homes, as well as Christian-based 12 step meetings. If you are looking for help [...]